Provide customers with the option of one of your branded eco-friendly stainless steel straws and make 101% profit

Delight your customers, save the environment & make money

110% Delight Guarantee

Customers love our bamboo cups. So much so, that if upon arrival you don't like them, we'll pay to have them returned and give you 110% of your money back!

Support your customers, society and the planet

Now more than ever it make sense to provide your guests with the eco option. Plastic straws are being phased out across the high street. Starbucks has began its 5p levy on single use cups, and both the UK and EU have announced plastic straw bans.

Meet 2019's expectations

 Mr Bamboo Cup straws are 100% reusable and made from the highest quality food grade stainless steel. They can be reused forever and are easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Completely Recyclable

Makes complete financial sense

Great prices, great margin available.

Customise with your own logo or message

Dishwasher safe, bacterial resistant, and highest quality food safe stainless steel. 

All designs are 100% reusable and loved by customers!

  • Personalised with your chosen message for free
  • Choose between Rose Gold, Rainbow, Gold, Silver, Blue, Purple or Black
  • Choose between kinked or straight style

Delivered 14 days later

Save the planet, boost your revenue and delight your customers!

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Always simple and fuss free

What do other customers say?

" The price was more than right! I got incredible demand from customers and immediately ordered more."

Raymond Green

Bean Grinderz

"We're doing everything we can to be environmentally friendly. We placed our straws by the till, people loved them and they sold within a week"

Jay Fields

Rest Easy Inn

Delight your customers, save the environment & make money today!